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Oculus says Santa Cruz standalone headset features full motion control

Along with the reveal of the Oculus Go, a standalone $200 USD lower-end VR headset, the company owed by facebook also showed off a new, more refined version of its high end Project Santa Cruz prototype.
The updated prototype is much more solid and  than last year’s version, but more importantly, now includes six-degrees-of-freedom motion control, commonly referred to as room-scale.
Oculus says that its Santa Cruz prototype is the first headset to offer ‘inside-out’ tracking without the need for wires or additional sensors. Along with the new headset, Oculus also revealed a redesigned Touch controller called the Santa Cruz controller.
The controllers look similar to the original Touch, only with a slightly more aerodynamic design that seems more small. Additionally the controllers feature the same already introduced ultralight sensors utilized by the Santa Cruz for inside out tracking. It’s not yet revealed when Santa Cruz is set to be available to the public, though the device most certainly seems to be Oculus’ successor to the Rift.
Oculus says that a developer version of Santa Cruz is all set to start shipping in 2018.


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